Hal and Gus

There is a fascinating, historical, blockhouse at For McClary, in Kittery, Me.
The following is a 16 by 20 inch acrylic painting on a bezel stretched canvas:

Wow, it's been a long time since I've visited my own website.

I have a full art fair schedule for the remainder of the year and I pray I can meet many new people who will become my friends.

I will post my art fair schedule under the heading of "Hal's Art Showing At."

Updated:  9/28/14

I've given up working with soft pastels (dusties).  I am concerned about the dust and I don't work with solvents.   I had two Uncles
die of white lung disease.  They worked in a pottery and the dust there apparently got to them
Sooooooooooooooo I paint with acrylics, oil pastels and water misable oil paints.


A high school classmate just got his pilot's license for the first time.  He's 75.  Yes I'm a geezer and I
painted the following painting of his airplane as a token of his success.  His plane is the Ercoupe
out of the 1950 and still in it's military colors, when it was used for some military flight testing.

I depicted Bob's Bird flying over a fog shrouded New River Gorge, West Virginia.



While I was in a mood to paint aircraft, decided to paint some Corsairs.
"Corsairs Some where in the Pacific"

It's a 10 by 20 inch, acrylic painting on a cradled wood panel.

July 2014

"Victorian Garden Fountain"
Plein Air painting at the Fuller Gardens, North Hampton, NH


My painting (oil pastel)  "Texas Gothic" took first place in the associates division of the international
Oil Pastel Society:

11 by 14 inches.

I've really come to like oil pastels.  Here are a couple recent oil pastel paintings:
Gus is my best buddy and the love of my life.  He's also the love of my wife's life as well. 

This site is about my efforts to produce representational art.

I'll put in a few Gus photos:



Gus just passed his drivers test.